The actions planned by the Greek Regional Action Center will attempt to show the radical changes faced nowadays by the planet, relating to social, economic, cultural but also climate change, as well as their impacts.

The everyday decisions of people are largely considered as the source of these changes, while at the same time people can also provide the solutions to the problems emanating from these changes.

Understanding of the impact of everyday decisions of people on the planet is a crucial factor for motivating action at the local level. This understanding emanates from the increase of knowledge stock, which in turn can contributes to the:

  • increase of awareness,
  • change of behavioral patterns, and
  • action undertaking.

The understanding of the global challenges and their relationship to simple everyday decisions at the local level can fill the knowledge-action gap, which will support behavioral change and promote relevant policies at the local, regional and national level; while these in turn will contribute to a more sustainable future from a social, economic, cultural and environmental perspective.

Global understanding stresses the need for an approach that incorporates:

  • Scientific knowledge from a variety of disciplines (social and natural sciences, humanities, etc.).
  • Different types of knowledge (e.g. scientific but also empirical).
  • Different interest groups (policy makers, decision makers, NGOs, businesses, citizens etc.).